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10 Good Reasons to Be Long Corn

Download the Full Report (PDF) 1) The USDA Outlook Forum in February pegged corn planted area at 90 million acres, but most traders are looking for the Prospective Plantings report on March 29th show corn plantings coming in 500,000 to 2.5 million acres lower. 2) The USDA pegged Argentina’s 2017/18 production at 36 million tonnes […]

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Wheat Storm

USDA Preview for September 12, 2017 Supply/Demand

SOYBEANS For the upcoming USDA reports, soybeans could be the market with the most volatility. The recent dry weather across a large portion of the Midwest has been accompanied by very mild temperatures. Traders have become familiar with the old mantra that corn yields are made in late July and soybean yields are made in […]

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Corn Cob

Ethanol Production Numbers Should Continue to be Solid

Sinograin sold 641,628 tonnes out of 893,161 tonnes offered of 2014 corn at auction this morning. The 2017-18 global corn output could reach a record of 1.06 billion tonnes, up 5 million tonnes, according to the U.N. FAO report. They cite higher output in Latin America and former Soviet Union states. December corn traded to […]

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July 2017 USDA Supply / Demand Preview

On July 12th the USDA will release it’s most recent Supply and Demand Estimates. Our analysts go over what changes the USDA may have to make to the corn, soybean and wheat balance sheets to assimilate the problematic planting and early season weather, export demand, acreage and the carry out from last year.

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Corn Crop Faces a Weather Threat – 2017.07.07

When looking back to the 2016 growing season, one that produced a record corn yield of 174.6 bushels per acre, it’s hard to recall a stretch in which the entire Corn Belt did not get a decent rain event. Corn crops in the heart of the belt in Illinois, Iowa and Indiana were chest-high and […]

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Wheat Storm

Special Report: Grain End Users Should Not Become Complacent

Grain end-users should guard against complacency. Don’t become overconfident that supply will drive prices significantly lower. On normal or seasonal declines in corn, wheat and soybeans prices, consider using option plays to define maximum prices to be paid for 2017 and 2018 needs. With 2016/17 world ending stocks expected to be at record highs for […]

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