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Next Week’s Economic Focus – April 19th, 2013

The recent downdraft in various commodity indices was clearly justified by rising deflationary fears. It now appears that the major washout across so many commodities was primarily the result of disappointing US Non-Farm Payroll figures and the less-than-stellar GDP growth in China. Lingering fears of bird flu in China, the terrorism incidents in the US […]

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Thoughts on Cyprus…How Much Does It Matter?

Throughout this past week, many traders had the same question: How could the little island nation of Cyprus wreck so much havoc upon global markets? Although Cyprus has a population of just over 1 million and a GDP that is less that 0.15% of the total for the 27-nation European Union, their financial service sector […]

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Next Weeks Economic Focus – 2013.03.03

The Continuous Commodity Index recently fell to its lowest level since August 15, 2012. While the brunt of that slide was due to fear of a premature ending to US quantitative easing, the soaring US Dollar provided added the selling pressure. Some traders suggested that many commodities were also weakened by the fears that another […]

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Interest Rate Commentary – 2012.10.03

Below is a sample of The Hightower Report’s Daily Commentary. To get this comment, and our daily coverage of 15 additional markets and trade ideas, visit for your free 2 week trial! The Treasury market held up rather well in the face of a recent string of slightly better than expected US data points. […]

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