About The Hightower Report

In 1990, Dave Hightower and Terry Roggensack recognized the need for a strong, independent research firm in the commodity and financial futures markets. They started The Hightower Report so that individual investors as well as commercial producers and end users would have access to research that focused specifically on commodities and financial futures yet independent of any brokerage firm or exchange. Dave & Terry’s use of fundamental and technical analysis in conjunction with their deep market experience has enabled them to forge one of the premiere commodity research firms in the industry. The Hightower Report broadcasts comprehensive daily research reports to over 3000 locations in 45 countries worldwide.

Our Customers

The Hightower Report is intended for use by the full range of investors, from the individual speculator to institutional and national producers/end users. Several major commodity and financial futures trading firms use The Hightower Report as their primary research source. From small speculator to industrial hedger, our research and analysis is a valuable tool for any marketplace participant.

Dave Hightower

As a founding principal of The Hightower Report, Dave Hightower analyzes the energy, metal, index, currency & bond markets daily.

Dave has over 30 years experience in the commodity and financial futures industry. Before starting The Hightower Report, Dave was the Director of Research for the (then) largest commodity brokerage firm in the United States, Stotler & Company. Prior to this, Dave was one of the first paid full time stock index futures analysts and has since covered the stock market on a daily basis.

Dave has provided research interviews to CNN, Bloomberg Television, the Wall Street Journal, Futures Magazine and many other industry groups/publications. Dave has worked with regulatory agencies, exchanges and other industry players on a wide variety of research and trading projects. He also educates commercial traders in basic and advanced hedging techniques.

Terry Roggensack

Terry Roggensack, another founding principal of The Hightower Report, analyzes the livestock, grain and soft markets.

Terry has over 30 years experience in the commodity and financial futures industry. In the late 1980s, Terry briefly lived in London as acting Director of a new London clearing firm. For more than ten years, Terry was Director of Research at Stotler & Company before he picked his successor – David Hightower.

Terry is frequently asked to present at CBOT press conferences when major fundamental shifts occur in the marketplace. During a dangerous monsoon season, he provided hedge strategies for the government of India. He provided an extensive hedge proposal for managing the government of Canada’s exposure to ongoing producer income support and subsidy programs in the grain and livestock sectors. Terry has provided hedge consulting to China’s national soybean buyer as well as cash grain strategies to the largest corn trader in the US.


Dave and Terry lead an exceptionally strong research team that contributes to The Hightower Report. Collectively, the team members boast 60 years of commodity & market experience.

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